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Master the Art of Innovation with iPAM

Transform Your Ideas into Solutions through idea refinement, Planning, Analyzing, and Managing.

iPAM—Plan, Analyze, Manage—is a comprehensive methodology designed to transform your innovative ideas into effective solutions. This strategic approach helps individuals and organizations take their initial concepts and meticulously develop them into actionable outcomes.

Imagine a world where quick product development isn't just a fleeting dream but the prevailing standard, a place where the journey from conceptual sketches to consumer-ready innovations happens at an unprecedented pace. In this realm, the barriers of traditional development timelines are shattered, giving way to a dynamic environment where ideas are not only birthed but brought to life faster than ever before. 

This is a world where agility and innovation are not just encouraged but are ingrained in the very fabric of product creation. Here, teams collaborate seamlessly, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to streamline every phase of development.

The result? Products that not only meet the current market demands but also anticipate future trends, ensuring that consumers are consistently presented with solutions that enrich their lives in ways previously unimaginable. This is the future of product development – a future where every new idea has the potential to become a tangible reality, swiftly and efficiently.

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iPAM your gateway to transforming ideas into impactful solutions with efficiency and precision. Combined with Swiftly our integrated approach streamlines the innovation process through meticulous planning, in-depth analysis, and proactive management.




An effective idea session brainstorming and innovating to stimulate creativity and enhance productivity centered around your idea.

Use Case: As an executive harboring a concept, I find myself at a loss for strategies and planning methods to bring this product idea to life.

  • 3-4 hour Mastermind type session
  • Session report with a high level product roadmap
  • High level epic product backlog list generated using Swiftly.



idea +

Planning forms the foundation, where you define the scope and objectives of your idea, setting a clear roadmap for success.

Use Case:  As an executive, I can now strategically define my idea's scope and objectives.

  • 2 full day sessions building on your idea
  • List of  technologies to support solution implementation
  • Resource estimates for your product using Swiftly



Plan +

3  days, analyzing using a thorough examination of your plan, using data-driven insights to refine strategies and anticipate potential challenges.

Use Case:  As an executive, I aim to closely examine my project’s scope to align it with our budget and resources.

  • Detailed Epics, Features, User stories and Data Elements
  • Up to 25 wireframe sketches
  • Draft business rules, messages, security and accessibility requirements


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Analyze +

Finally, Managing ensures that the plan is executed with precision, keeping projects on track and adjusting to new information as necessary.

Use Case:  As an executive, I am ready to hire a team from the inception of my concept to its successful realization.

  • Lean Agile Project Management

  • Procurement support
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Scope, Resource and Budget Management
Plan and Manage require 50% of the total cost.

The Power of Streamlined Innovation

By integrating these four pillars, iPAM empowers you to navigate the complexities of innovation with confidence and precision, turning visionary ideas into real-world solutions that deliver impact. Whether you're a startup, a Fortune 500 company, or somewhere in between, PAM is your key to mastering the art of innovation and achieving sustained success.