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Our Sustainability Practices

Sustainability sits at the heart of our corporate ethos, guiding our decisions and actions every step of the way. In a world that increasingly demands responsibility toward our environment, we are committed to leading by example. This commitment is not just a part of what we do—it is woven into the very fabric of our corporate culture.

We don't just aim to make better choices; we strive to make the best choices. This means constantly evaluating our practices, seeking out innovative solutions, and being proactive in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. From optimizing resource use to investing in sustainable technologies and supporting eco-friendly initiatives, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet.

Understanding that sustainability is a journey and not a destination, we are always learning and evolving. We engage with our employees, customers, and communities to share knowledge and foster a culture of care that extends beyond our corporate walls. By doing as much as we can, in every way we can, we are not just contributing to a more sustainable world—we are helping to shape it.

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Examples of our sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in our practices:

  1. Offering remote work schedules based on client needs.
  2. Purchasing cloud computers for staff instead of actual new hardware deviices.
  3. Transforming t-shirts into unique items for both our team and our clients
  4. Giving away starter plants in eco-friendly, decomposable kits as conference gifts.
  5. Crafting distinctive corporate gifts from repurposed vases and porcelain china cups, among other treasures.
  6. Design systems using less technological resources reducing performance issues.
  7. Providing public transportation or shared car services alternatives.
  8. Purchasing snacks and meals from sustainibiliy organizations that source 60% of their foods locally, such as local farmers markets, locally owned small businesses, The Rounds and Veg and Butcher.
  9. Donating to organizations such as Potomac River Keepers.

When you receive a gift from us, it embodies much more than a simple act of giving—it's a vivid reflection of our commitment to the Earth. Each item is carefully selected and crafted not only to delight and serve a purpose but also to stand as a testament to sustainable living. Our gifts are imbued with a story, a journey towards a greener, more conscientious way of life that we are eager to share. 

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us—

it's at the core of everything we do. Whether you're part of our team, a valued strategic partner, or a cherished friend of Orca Intelligence, we want you to be confident in our unwavering commitment to fostering a safer environment for everyone.

Note: Rest assured, before any item arrives at your doorstep, it has passed through an extensive purification journey. This includes a meticulous cycle of washing, cleansing, sterilization, and drying. Our clothing pieces are carefully laundered, while our ceramic treasures undergo a thorough wash, are sterilized with boiling water, and are then gently dried. When you unwrap your unique gift, we also suggest giving it a light wash or a soft wipe for that extra layer of assurance.