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Major Feature 2: Integrate with development environments

Develop from federal and state regulations. Never have to document requirements for federal and state software projects again. This application connects software development environments with federal and state regulations.


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The following is a white paper providing insight on the Regulations Integrated  Development Environment ™ (RIDE ™) system.  Download the white paper to checkout our research and review further details of the need for the application to enable the government to save on software development costs.


Major Feature 1: Create User Stories from regulations 

Create user stories from federal and state regulations.  Now business, requirements and systems analyst can create user stories from federal and state regulations.



We have products that will revolutionize the software and systems development life cycle for federal, state, county and local projects. Our patent pending application is the sidekick for any government policy subject matter expert to document their requirements based on regulations. In addition, the application provides a 360-degree view of any project.

The Regulations Integrated  Development Environment ™ (RIDE ™) application completely removes the need to document software specifications from scratch for government projects. This application self-documents the entire software development life cycle.